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Mandeah ~ Heart Expansion and DNA Meditation

Announcing the release of " Mandeah", Heart Expansion DNA Meditation. The first of a series of videos that will integrate mudras, kriyas, music and artwork specifically combined to profoundly enhance conscious evolution and serenity, by VARE Productions.

A vibrationally transcending.heart mandala video that fuses meditative sound and visually activating art synchronized with a yoga kriya. Imbued with high frequency sacred symbols and geometry, light codes, cymatics, phi ratios and fractals.Ushering healing and heart intelligence to DNA coding and 10 subtle bodies. Promoting energetic, dimensional and physical heart expansion. Each element is a palpable experience transforming mind, body, actions and thoughts to core heart source.The Heart Expansion DNA Meditation is an artistically cohesive film displaying the mandalas and music with refined detail and meditative value.

To receive the full length Heart Expansion DNA Meditation Video an opening offering, honorarium of your discretion will be greatly appreciated by the artists via paypal to In Grace and Gratitude. Should you have any questions email Enjoy. In Grace and Gratitude.


Music and Meditation: Vima Lamura

Mandala Art: Ashnandoah Shelaomn

Full Length Heart Expansion DNA Meditation Video Design: Rysa Perisanna Promotional Video Design: Elizabeth Dillon

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