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White Wolf Dreams


The wilderness is filled with the echoes of the white wolf’s desire It burns through the charcoal night where the full moon calls her higher The rocky ledge holds her steady as she looks upon the fertile valleys Stars fall into the distant dawn in a sea of pale and pastel shadows

The moon rises with her deep desire and calm solitude guides her heart White Wolf walks on cracking snow with sharpened fangs of hunger’s call Eyes clear to see the careful prey late in gathering a last morsel found Glistening light, sparkling eyes, faster now, run with speed and power

Spirit guide of ancient memories again they come and call within Hear the sounds of walking water and all that will give us memory Shadows within the moonlight canopy shelters heaven from sky Call from the hunter’s companion, all is given and all is destiny

The grace of time becomes the light revealing The journey finds deepening depths of darkness Trade the light of dawn for the comfort of the end Stay my Guide of Spirit; Intimate time to begin

~ ~ ~ ~

Graceful pace through tall grass Echoing the stream's melody, Ancestral ghosts' fouls

Destiny's trace on dampened ground Kindling fires in memory, Labored breath howls

Musty embers trailed not in vain Through lurking shadows that consume

Beside thy steady feet I remain

And shall through every passing moon

The first four stanzas my husband wrote to me and the last four were my response. This was before we ever met face to face, ah sweet memories...

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