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Akashic Readings

Akashic Halls by Ashnandoah

What is An Akashic Reading? Every soul travels through the dimensions. As the soul experiences essences of beingness and creation the vibrations of every thought, emotion and action are holographically recorded. The Akashic Records is a repository of timelines within the universal eternal memory, These energetic recordings of your soul's evolution are accessed through your consent and in connection with your higher self to bring forward relevant information to assist you in understanding and mastering levels of awareness, wisdom and love. The Book of Life of your eternal soul brings you a much broader perspective allowing you to contemplate alternative solutions to your troubles and allowing you to forgive yourself and others more readily so that you may walk through life more consciously on a lighted pathway.

Soul Signatures are a graphic representation of your lightbeing adorned with geometries, symbols and colors. These are created by Ashnandoah specifically for the individual. To request one of these please book an akashic reading via and once we connect there let me know. Astrological, akashic, and tarot readings are powerful tools that can guide you through challenging times in or life. They can give you keen insights into uncertain futures regarding your career, relationships, and overall development. Readings are a great way to get to know yourself better, as well as gain additional understanding regarding other aspects of your life.

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